Happy 2016! It’s a New Year full of promise and possibility, and we’ve got our list of resolutions ready. We’re gonna exercise. Eat right. Spend quality time with family. Get outdoors. Enjoy life to the fullest!

If that sounds impossible, or even challenging, then come to the Kitsap Peninsula because we make it so easy!


Exercise – Ride our trails, run our shorelines, paddle our glassy waters. There are so many choices!

Eat well – We have some of the best farmers markets around. Even easier, let one of our locavore restaurants like Mossback, Hitchcock or Honor Bar do all the work.


Spend quality time with family – Your family is going to love our parks, trails and beaches.


Get outdoors – This is Guillemot Cove and it’s unspoiled and gorgeous and it’s just one of the amazing destinations on the Natural Side of Puget Sound. Enough said!


Enjoy life to the fullest – Hop a ferry to the Kitsap Peninsula and enjoy the ride because half the fun is getting here!