Hi-Lo’s 15th Street Café is a mom-and-pop diner with a tie-dyed sensibility that’s well worth checking out on your next visit to the Kitsap Peninsula.

Owners Heidi and Lowell Yoxsimer (“Hi” and “Lo”) serve breakfast and lunch daily, dishing up American classics in a one-of-a-kind setting. Their retired Volkswagen van holds an outdoor booth and the rear of another VW is the eatery’s coffee station. More than 400 retro Thermoses line the walls and tables are covered with ads hawking hula hoops, console televisions and audio tape recorders.

Hi-Lo’s specialty is moon biscuits – biscuit dough cooked in a waffle iron to form the “craters” that hold creamy sausage gravy. Green Eggs and Ham is another signature dish, a pesto, ham and mozzarella scramble inspired by Dr. Seuss.

A “blast from the past” section of the menu offers classics from every Baby Boomer’s childhood: Spam, Ovaltine, Strawberry Quick, Tang and Cream of Wheat.

“It’s like all the things you ate at home, in a restaurant,” said Elizabeth Denison of Seabeck, who polished off a bowl of Cream of Wheat on a recent visit before tucking into a Spam breakfast burrito. “I mean, where else can you get Spam?”

Lunch entrees include a meatloaf sandwich and crazy chicken salad made with sweet-tart Craisins. Meals are hearty and affordable with entrees running about $10.

The hub of a growing foodie district at 15th Street and Wycoff Avenue, Hi-Lo’s is close to downtown Bremerton hotels and just 10 minutes from Silverdale. Next door is Bualadh Bos, an all-ages restaurant with the feel of an old-world Irish pub, which oftens hosts late-night music jam sessions. And, across the street, Hale’s Ales is opening a new barrelhouse and tasting room in July with 23 beers on tap.

When you visit Hi-Lo’s be sure to bring your Volkswagen. Staff t-shirts proclaim the restaurant “Volkswagen friendly.” Dogs are welcome, too, at the cafe’s outdoor tables.

Address: 2720 15th St., Bremerton

Hours: 7-3 daily

Reservations: The booth in the vintage Volkswagen Van can be reserved; all other tables are first-come, first-served.

Contact: 360-373-7833